Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Skylar Grey: WHO IS SHE???


If you go to wikipedia link here...you would see that she's obviously been around the music scene for quite some time, maybe not as a singer but as a songwriter. Lately we've seen her in a few video clips:I

(although you don't actually see her in the 1st one) but what sparked my interest about this phantom-like lady(YOU SHOULD SEE HER IN THE EMINEM VID...CREEPY!!!) is this song:

It made me sooo interested in who she was, what she was doing, how famous she was etc. She apparently wrote the lyrics for *love the way you lie* a song i wuvvvvvv to death! I <3 eminem, i <3riri, so them together *WAS MAGIC*(in the words of kayne)...I hope we get to see her sing some more songs. I mean it's always nice to see people who actually SING and WRITE their own songs. I also like her voice, very soothing and the fact that she can actually sing is always a plus for a newcomer.  I hope people start recognizing her for the talent she is and she releases a CD soon!!!
 So, what do you think of Skylar?? Is she worth the buzz or she overrated like most artists these days?

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