Saturday, 26 March 2011

~People I hate curently~

So I think everyone knows the Chris Brown-Rihanna story but in case you've been living under a rock it goes something like this: Chris beat the shet out of poor rihanna..the end!!! Now after a public apology from Chris and him going to anger management(coughliarcough) and a few songs that really showed that he was changing for the better, something happened like Good Morning America(I call it "old people show" and so do my friends! wooo) and he went bammmmmm... After a few questions from the interviewer(Robin Roberts) about Rihanna,Chris was just furious. I mean come on he couldn't be suprised about questions regarding Rihanna. He's always asked about it so instead of being a cry baby answer the damn question! Show that you've changed for the better and stop acting like a goddamn superstar! really!! Ok ok back to the ..Chris went on the show to talk about his new album F.AM.E and when Robin started asking him about Rihanna he was obviously uncomftorable and trying to steer the conversation back to his album,... Blah blah album this, blah blah album that.. Anyway in the end he smashed a window in his dressing room(damn violence doesn't solve anything CMON) and the people had to call security... He later blamed GMA for the whole incident(how manly of him...) I'm just so furious with this guy I mean his  deluded fangirls will obviously put the blame on GMA, Rihanna, even on a cute penguin if they had too, just to justify his actions. Are these really actions of a changed man? I don't think so! Anyway what do you guys think about this incident????? Should Chris be forgiven yet again? Or just leave the music industry all together!!

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