Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hugh Hefner getting married???


Oh...and then you want to believe me that 2012 IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD??  So Hef did it AGAIN..hes getting married  to Crystal(who's Crysrtal? what about Holly?) a barely legal gal who obviously reeks golddigger from far away, but who cares shes blonde, has boobs and probably can do many many interesting things(like intellectual convos..what were you thinking????) Now for all those thinking...why are you posting about an old fart whos probably gona die soon? Well I must admit that althought this person, his gfs, his ex gfs and everything related to him are wrong in so many levels I just can't stop myself when I see comments and people congratulating him about his wedding...I mean everyone knows she wants money and he wants his reputation of an everlasting playblog to continue. so why congratulate it?? Anyway I'll post the link here for all our guilty pleasure commenters....So, what do you think about this wedding? IS it disgusting or is it  romantic(coughareyoureallyblindcough)...at least the media thinks so...!!!

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