Sunday, 6 March 2011

~Alien virus~

what's with aliens these days I wonder?? Everywhere I turn there's an alien I mean come on go back to jupiter or mars or wherever you came from....WE NO SPEAK ALIEANO.... I seriously have no idea why aliens are so cool and in nowadays...I mean first you see britney spears new music video 'hold it against me'. The whole video is about Mrs. alien-spears and it's so yucky but fascinating at the same time. I give the music video developer-people props for the video...I mean I serioulsy have an alien phobia(new phobia wooo) and yet I was so taken by the video I forgot to go yuck and ew and ahhhhhh...damn.. Anyway I rememeber when I was around eleven years old, I think, I watched E.T...all my friends were in awe with this so called friendship/bond between the human boy(no idea what his name was) and the alien, I also remember not being able to all....for a week! I was so fluffin(yes fluffin) scared of that alien thing it was creepy as hell. I never once thought it was heart warming or anything, just pure creepiness!!! How do people watch that sheff(YES SHEFF)?  Anyway aliens are back and they' re obviously controlling mainstream media...As if it wasn't enough with Mrs. alien-spears, Lady Gaga's new music video 'Born this way' features aliens also!! *screams like a little girl after watching pokemon..I mean taylor lautner..* But all alien phobia aside both videos were really g0000d and I mean it! However, even though alien-philia(another new word woo!!) has been around some time what triggered this post is Katy Perry's(another fav singer) and her new song E.T featuring Kayne West..I wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv itttttt!!!!! Anyway what are your thoughts on this alienphilia? Do you like aliens or do you think they should stick to what they know(controlling people for exmple) and stop trying to steal the spotlight from vampires!!!(right edward???)