Saturday, 26 March 2011

~People I hate curently~

So I think everyone knows the Chris Brown-Rihanna story but in case you've been living under a rock it goes something like this: Chris beat the shet out of poor rihanna..the end!!! Now after a public apology from Chris and him going to anger management(coughliarcough) and a few songs that really showed that he was changing for the better, something happened like Good Morning America(I call it "old people show" and so do my friends! wooo) and he went bammmmmm... After a few questions from the interviewer(Robin Roberts) about Rihanna,Chris was just furious. I mean come on he couldn't be suprised about questions regarding Rihanna. He's always asked about it so instead of being a cry baby answer the damn question! Show that you've changed for the better and stop acting like a goddamn superstar! really!! Ok ok back to the ..Chris went on the show to talk about his new album F.AM.E and when Robin started asking him about Rihanna he was obviously uncomftorable and trying to steer the conversation back to his album,... Blah blah album this, blah blah album that.. Anyway in the end he smashed a window in his dressing room(damn violence doesn't solve anything CMON) and the people had to call security... He later blamed GMA for the whole incident(how manly of him...) I'm just so furious with this guy I mean his  deluded fangirls will obviously put the blame on GMA, Rihanna, even on a cute penguin if they had too, just to justify his actions. Are these really actions of a changed man? I don't think so! Anyway what do you guys think about this incident????? Should Chris be forgiven yet again? Or just leave the music industry all together!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

~Alien virus~

what's with aliens these days I wonder?? Everywhere I turn there's an alien I mean come on go back to jupiter or mars or wherever you came from....WE NO SPEAK ALIEANO.... I seriously have no idea why aliens are so cool and in nowadays...I mean first you see britney spears new music video 'hold it against me'. The whole video is about Mrs. alien-spears and it's so yucky but fascinating at the same time. I give the music video developer-people props for the video...I mean I serioulsy have an alien phobia(new phobia wooo) and yet I was so taken by the video I forgot to go yuck and ew and ahhhhhh...damn.. Anyway I rememeber when I was around eleven years old, I think, I watched E.T...all my friends were in awe with this so called friendship/bond between the human boy(no idea what his name was) and the alien, I also remember not being able to all....for a week! I was so fluffin(yes fluffin) scared of that alien thing it was creepy as hell. I never once thought it was heart warming or anything, just pure creepiness!!! How do people watch that sheff(YES SHEFF)?  Anyway aliens are back and they' re obviously controlling mainstream media...As if it wasn't enough with Mrs. alien-spears, Lady Gaga's new music video 'Born this way' features aliens also!! *screams like a little girl after watching pokemon..I mean taylor lautner..* But all alien phobia aside both videos were really g0000d and I mean it! However, even though alien-philia(another new word woo!!) has been around some time what triggered this post is Katy Perry's(another fav singer) and her new song E.T featuring Kayne West..I wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv itttttt!!!!! Anyway what are your thoughts on this alienphilia? Do you like aliens or do you think they should stick to what they know(controlling people for exmple) and stop trying to steal the spotlight from vampires!!!(right edward???)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

anime Recommendation~LOL heroes


Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Yes that is the anime title
It sounds boring and lame
No it actually is a really good anime

This anime has to do with Ryner Lute. Ryner is a lazy student of the  Royal Magician's Academy in Roland. The Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul. In this war Ryner loses his classmates. Ryner actually is the bearer of Alpha Stigma and has this power were he turns into a crazed person and can destroy everything in sight. Losing his classmate he goes into a super frenzy and activates this power. This power is forbidden and anyone that uses it is automatically labeled a monster and he is put in jail. His old friend Sion which is now the King of Roland now sets him free only if he works for him. Ryner accepts and sets out on a journey to search the relics of a Legendary Hero  for King Sion.

What I like most of this anime is the way the story unfolds. There is  a lot of mystery to keep you wanting to watch more and more. And the character development is done really good. You get to understand each and every one. I think  Ryner has a very interesting character story.  Ryner has a very sad past but pushes forward in life to not let anything back him down.  He partners with a girl named Ferris in his adventure. And to most of you that have seen Slayers it might remind you of it but its sort of different. It's basiccaly an anime with magic,sword fights and corrupted nobles.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Ke$ha: ~Blow~

Ke$ha's new video has come out and although i was sort of late in watching it I think it was crazy, funny, unexpected, sexy with an awkward twist and of course Mr. eye candy himself, or should I say Mr. JAMES VAN DER BEEK(I loled so hard lol) was a great twist to the music video!! I also loled with Ke$ha's dialogue (" and that's how I was elected to the parliament....")..If ke$ha became the president of anyhting we would know taht 2012 is indeed the end of the world!! Anyway I liked this music video the showed a nicer not drinking til I drop version of ke$ha and I think it was time people saw her as something more than a party girl who's alcohol level is off the chart! Anyway I'' stop my blabbering so you can watch.

So what you think of this music video, did it change the perception of Ke$ha a little bit at least???
BTW I do agree the title was a bit.........hmmmmmm

Bathing in Blood?!!!


This is just a quick one that I found online and thought it was interesting to share.

Are you guys familiar with Erzsebet Bathory of Hungary?
Bathory drained the blood of her victims and bathed in it which was what earned her the title of a vampire. It is also stated that she occasionally bit the flesh of the girls during their torture. The reason behind this is because Bathory believed if she bathed in blood she would keep her youthful looks and beauty.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

RE:Dead languages in a dead school system (Greek/Latin why?)

I recently read a blog post about greek and latin being in our school system and how it seems not to benefit us in the long run: link here. Now I must say I don't agree at all..having been taught both greek and latin at school and being of greek decent myself I've always been told that learning these dead languages have their benefits. I always thought that was a cliche teachers told students to guilt them into studing USELESS MATERIAL... However, I don't think anyone can deny the fact that learning Greek and Latin makes it much easier to learn many modern European languages, exactly because these were so heavily influenced by  these classical , often named "dead" languages. And I can confidently state that latin helped quite a lot in learning french and it has also helped me in understanding my OWN languague. In fact, learning Greek and Latin is a great way to improve vocabulary skills and they also help us guess at the meanings of words that we don’t know (both in English and in other languages). While I doubt that most of us would know the meaning of the English word “somniloquy”, if we know that in Latin, “somnus” means sleep and “loqui” means “to speak”, we can correctly guess that “somniloquy” means “talking in your sleep”. Now how is that not beneficial? In addition,  i  know for a fact thhat knowledge of classical languages allows us to understand the real meanings of texts which are the foundation to Western philosophy, literature, religion, theatre, and law and our western culutre in general. Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle laid the foundations for all of western philosophy. Lastly, I would say that actually studing these ancient greek and latin texts exposes us to a new way of thinking, often ground breaking... So these are my thoughts on this subject...sorry for going a bit off the topic about what our blog is suppose to be but I'd really like to read your thoughts on this matter!

~Lady Gaga:Born this way~

I recently watched Lady Gaga's new music video and let me say it was smex on fire!! I really love Lady Gaga just because she's not afraid to put it out there and say/do what she wants and the way she wants it. When her alejandro music video was out let me tell you I was shocked..I mean I just didn't get it but after a few views I was addicted..I mean she's like religion, a small dose is theraputic but too much and it becomes another addiction! Now althought I'm a devote follower of mama monster I can't say I wasn't a tad disturbed with the beggining of Born This Way. Although I admire mama monster's creativity, uniqness and the fact that she can ACTUALLY sing, the beggining was a slap on the face. The visual aspect of a woman giving birth and the female anatomy in general was ummm, EWY(yes, yes ewy, is there a better word?)..I was ewwwwwwing uncontrollably waiting for the song to start, hoping the ewwing would stop and it eventually did! And then it started getting good again and I love when she was in skull make up! All in all it was a great video if you skip the beggining that is, however I do appreciate the significance of it and its inteneded meaning.
So what are your thoughts on it? Weird, awkward, disturbing? OR artistic, perfect, THE B0MB???
And here's the new music vid!!!!! YOUR WELCOMEEEEEE...ENJOYY
Our mama's ass..I just couldn't help not posting it..damnnn