Wednesday, 2 March 2011

~Lady Gaga:Born this way~

I recently watched Lady Gaga's new music video and let me say it was smex on fire!! I really love Lady Gaga just because she's not afraid to put it out there and say/do what she wants and the way she wants it. When her alejandro music video was out let me tell you I was shocked..I mean I just didn't get it but after a few views I was addicted..I mean she's like religion, a small dose is theraputic but too much and it becomes another addiction! Now althought I'm a devote follower of mama monster I can't say I wasn't a tad disturbed with the beggining of Born This Way. Although I admire mama monster's creativity, uniqness and the fact that she can ACTUALLY sing, the beggining was a slap on the face. The visual aspect of a woman giving birth and the female anatomy in general was ummm, EWY(yes, yes ewy, is there a better word?)..I was ewwwwwwing uncontrollably waiting for the song to start, hoping the ewwing would stop and it eventually did! And then it started getting good again and I love when she was in skull make up! All in all it was a great video if you skip the beggining that is, however I do appreciate the significance of it and its inteneded meaning.
So what are your thoughts on it? Weird, awkward, disturbing? OR artistic, perfect, THE B0MB???
And here's the new music vid!!!!! YOUR WELCOMEEEEEE...ENJOYY
Our mama's ass..I just couldn't help not posting it..damnnn

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