Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ke$ha VS Snsd???


So i'd like to take the minute to say that I like Ke$ha..yes, yes i know...she uses autotune, she likes whiskey, she loves clubbing and drinking and has absolutely no vocal ability..but you know what??Even though i agree with all of the above ,she has that certain something that makes me wanna listen to her generic, provocative, silly(sometimes) songs! So I guess she has that certain X that makes people like her? Anyway while i was surfing the neti Icame accross a new song called Run devil Run and let me say my mp3 player has been on FIRE since then!!! I like it its catchy and the lyrics reming me of Twilight for some reason (oh JACOB...*fangirl scream*)
BUT then it happened.....another version!! Oh the joy! This time it's supposebly by a korean girl group called SNSD(yes I did my research) and although I thought it was just as good as Ke$ha's(sowwy wuv) I saw a lot of comments saying it was wayyyyyyyyyyy better!! 

Now i think they 're both equally good..but saying that Ke$ha's song sucked badly was unbearable for a Ke$ha fan like myself! So what are your opinions on the songs?  Is Snsd's song that good or is Ke$ha just as good???

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