Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Psyren one of the best mangas I have read


I am going to say this is ONE OF THE BEST MANGA I HAVE EVER READ!!!

Psyren starts out with a  normal a boy  going to high school a girl he likes ok ok this sounds normal ... but here is were everything changes when he finds a mysterious calling card with the word Psyren on it. Psyren has been thought to be an underground mafia kidnapping people all over the world.

So the main character name is Yoshina Ageha he helps out anyone that has a problem for 10000 yen. He will take care of bullies,stalkers, lost animals etc.

Ageha is at the payphone and he sees that there is this calling card with the word Psyren on it . He thinks this is all a bluff and hes like whatever.

Than when the girl he actually has a crush on goes missing Amamiya Sakurako he begins to realize something bizare is going on.

So not wanting to spoil the story Ageha hears a ringing in his head calling him to another world and when he opens his eyes he sees a destroyed world. A world filled with monsters and destruction.

The calling card is used to go back and forth from the present time to this destroyed world in the begin of the manga it isn't told why this is happening. We just know that these people have been brought to this world known as Psyren for some purpose.

The first couple of chapters Ageha goes back and forth to Psyren and it feels like this manga is just some game that you got to defeat the monsters and you will be released back to the present time . Well the manga isnt about that. The manga gets really different after these couple of chapters and when the characters learn the purpose of this world. When the characters learn the purpose the manga shifts gears it isnt a game going back and worth anymore. And here is when the story gets really good and lots of action happens and lots of character development.

I cant say anymore because that will be spoiling!!!

Enjoy this manga trailer video

so whats your favorite manga?

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