Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Getting to know Rosa better!!!

coffee love!

So seeing that emily posted her favs it's only fair i post MY favs lol... I really don't know where to start being the materialistic person I am(Oh Hilary Duff I know your pain) I could  go on and on about shoes and bags and clothes and make up and hair and accessories!!! But I won't cause that's not all there is to me(coughliarcough). Today I'm going to talk about penguins cause out of all the animals out there it's the cutest one! It even beats out puppies(i know..right?) AND pandas... another one of my loves is jacob black.........I mean Twilight! I know people think it's an overrated movie but the fact is the cast is HAWT..even if the acting isn't all that good..but come on taylor lautner is in it GIVE IT A BREAK(notice that I didn't put a pic with taylor in this one?..it's for you edward fans)... Another thing I like is Gossip girl!!! Don't judge me it's just so addicting..it's like a cult! I also <333333 Dexter I mean come on who doesn't love a smexy sociopath that seems to have a heart! Coffee is also one of true loves and also like anime and MY FAV IS GINTAMA..I mean after gintama ended I kinda lost interest just because gintama was the best, is the best, will always be the best!!(yes im a  little biased!) And last but not lets i love all things music...music is truly therapeutic! My fav artist at the moment is lady gaga..she might be a nut case but her music is ruling the world and she's so different than other sounds that I just can't not like her!!!!!

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  1. Whoah...we've got some similar affinities here. Gintama, cute stuff, penguins, manga, anime, pandas...haha. Though Lady Gaga's music and Twilight just isn't my cup of tea.hehe. I also came across the others on this blog and I also found similar interests. haha >.<"