Friday, 4 March 2011

Ke$ha: ~Blow~

Ke$ha's new video has come out and although i was sort of late in watching it I think it was crazy, funny, unexpected, sexy with an awkward twist and of course Mr. eye candy himself, or should I say Mr. JAMES VAN DER BEEK(I loled so hard lol) was a great twist to the music video!! I also loled with Ke$ha's dialogue (" and that's how I was elected to the parliament....")..If ke$ha became the president of anyhting we would know taht 2012 is indeed the end of the world!! Anyway I liked this music video the showed a nicer not drinking til I drop version of ke$ha and I think it was time people saw her as something more than a party girl who's alcohol level is off the chart! Anyway I'' stop my blabbering so you can watch.

So what you think of this music video, did it change the perception of Ke$ha a little bit at least???
BTW I do agree the title was a bit.........hmmmmmm

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