Saturday, 5 March 2011

anime Recommendation~LOL heroes


Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Yes that is the anime title
It sounds boring and lame
No it actually is a really good anime

This anime has to do with Ryner Lute. Ryner is a lazy student of the  Royal Magician's Academy in Roland. The Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul. In this war Ryner loses his classmates. Ryner actually is the bearer of Alpha Stigma and has this power were he turns into a crazed person and can destroy everything in sight. Losing his classmate he goes into a super frenzy and activates this power. This power is forbidden and anyone that uses it is automatically labeled a monster and he is put in jail. His old friend Sion which is now the King of Roland now sets him free only if he works for him. Ryner accepts and sets out on a journey to search the relics of a Legendary Hero  for King Sion.

What I like most of this anime is the way the story unfolds. There is  a lot of mystery to keep you wanting to watch more and more. And the character development is done really good. You get to understand each and every one. I think  Ryner has a very interesting character story.  Ryner has a very sad past but pushes forward in life to not let anything back him down.  He partners with a girl named Ferris in his adventure. And to most of you that have seen Slayers it might remind you of it but its sort of different. It's basiccaly an anime with magic,sword fights and corrupted nobles.

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